“Covid-19 is a global pandemic and we are all in this together. Our little cooperation and awareness can contribute towards a greater cause of controlling this pandemic.”

This Pandemic can be controlled only if all of us become equally careful and responsible and understand the importance of three basic things.

  1. Testing
  2. Social distancing
  3. Mask use.


Amidst this pandemic, testing has proved to be very useful in controlling the spread of the virus.

Testing has helped the population to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus causing COVID-19. Even when the vaccine becomes available, testing will help in prioritizing population who are more in need of immunization.

Types of tests:

There are two basic types of tests for Covid-19.

  1. Viral or Diagnostic tests:

A viral or diagnostic test helps us to know if we are currently infected with the coronavirus. It’s done when we face any symptoms and the doctor refers us based on our symptoms and other factors.

  1. Antibody Test:

An antibody test helps us know if we were previously infected or exposed to the coronavirus and if our body has created antibodies in an attempt to defend itself.

It helps to collect data about how the immune system fight off COVID-19.

When should you get yourself tested?

Many people are reluctant to get themselves tested or are unsure about when they should get themselves tested.

As said by WHO, the common symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle pain. These symptoms can be easily assumed as common cold or influenza by many.

So testing helps in identifying people who actually have Covid-19.

Sometimes the symptoms can be so mild depending upon the general health and immunity of individuals that they might not even think they could have been infected by coronavirus but unknowingly they contribute towards spreading it to those who might get severely affected by it. That’s why testing plays a very crucial role in controlling the spread and taking necessary precautions.


As the news of trials of vaccine SPUTNIK V that has been developed by Russia is spreading, it does bring the hope of getting the situation in control, but people shouldn’t become careless as the time by which it’d reach every corner of the world is yet not sure.

Russia calls it’s vaccine SPUTNIK V and as per the news its mass distribution will begin in October for the Russian population. Vladimir Putin’s own daughter has reportedly received the vaccine developing the virus’s antibodies but Russia hasn’t yet published any of its scientific data.

There’s growing skepticism about it by various researchers of US but even if the vaccine is made and is safe, it alone can’t control the situation and bring everything back to normal if we don’t co-operate and take the precautions and understand the importance of testing as we can’t rely on vaccine completely.

Why testing is important even after the vaccine is made?

“Prevention is better than cure”. Testing plays a crucial role in preventing further spread of the virus as it enables us to take necessary actions. The Faster you get yourself tested and if it comes positive the faster you isolate yourself the number of people who might be infected will decrease.

Moreover, as many countries are removing restrictions, the probability of the spread of the virus surely increases if individuals refuse to get themselves tested and take the precautionary measures, and if the cases of infected people rise, once again the restrictions would be made.

Laboratory confirmation diagnostic testing could indicate which population is still at risk of new coronavirus and which have already been recovered.

Testing has helped in decreasing the number of new cases as seen in Singapore and South Korea because it enabled them to take proper care of people suffering from it and manage it’s spread.

Increasing cases of Covid-19.

Covid-19 cases have increased significantly per day in many parts of the world because of a lack of mass testing and careless attitude of people and lack of social distancing. The US sets one-day record with more than 60500 cases and total cases in India being reported as more than 2.4 million is enough to tell the contagious nature of this virus and how fast and easy it could spread. But countries like South Korea, Fiji, New Zealand that have done mass testing and applied strict rules have shown significant improvement and decrease in number of new covid cases which is enough to show the importance of testing.


Mass testing and social distancing is the need of the hour. The vaccine alone can’t defeat the pandemic. It’s important to get yourselves tested frequently.

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