COVID-19 Testing

Our comprehensive patient-centric solution

includes two tests

The Path Forward

Leveraging our team of industry-leading scientists and medical professionals, SDI Labs produced a safe societal re-entry solution to address the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Test


    SDI Labs believes in universal testing, even of asymptomatic patients, to establish a baseline of infection in the patient population

  • Track

    SDI Labs utilizes essential data to inform the provider and enable vital contact tracing in the target patient population



  • Treat


    SDI Labs equips clinicians and telehealth providers with real-time essential data to efficiently assess and triage patients based on symptoms, underlying medical conditions, and test results to determine the best therapies for treatment

  • Isolate

    SDI Labs encourages patients who are infected, or might be, to quarantine and contain the spread based on CDC guidelines if they do not need immediate care to contain the spread of the virus



How our solution model works

We provide efficient testing, expedited results, and quality patient care.

The Patient Process

Our comprehensive testing solution is customized to meet patient needs while mitigating risk as individuals safely re-enter.