Advancing Healthcare

Operating on the cutting edge of data, science

and innovation

Modernizing lab testing, advancing the healthcare industry

SDI Labs has always operated at the cutting edge of data, science and innovation. Throughout our evolution, we have continued to advance the healthcare industry. Today, we leverage the latest technology and automation to empower patients with systems-based solutions for optimal health outcomes

  • 1987



    SDI Labs was founded by two molecular cytogeneticists from UCLA with the purpose to combine molecular biology and cytogenetics for chromosome analysis

  • 2014

    Focus on Molecular Diagnostics

    Under the leadership of current CEO, Ozman Mohiuddin, and his information technology-oriented administration team, SDI Labs turns to a more progressive model. Driven by data, science and automation, SDI Labs pivots to molecular diagnostics concentrating in the areas of infectious disease, women’s health, autoimmune health, and mental health



  • 2020


    COVID-19 Testing

    SDI Labs quickly mobilizes to adapt to global pandemic needs, incorporating a four-step comprehensive COVID-19 testing solution: test, track, treat and isolate

  • February 2020

    Rapid Growth

    SDI Labs brings together experts from around the world to address the growing need for rapid deployment of testing capabilities during the pandemic


    February 2020

  • March 2020


    FDA Authorized

    SDI’s SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Lab Developed Test receives one of the first FDA approvals under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

  • May 2020

    Automation and Robotics

    SDI Labs installs first series of robotic arms and liquid handling work cells, increasing throughput, reducing employee risk and dramatically improving reporting turnaround time


    May 2020

  • July 2020


    AI & ML

    SDI Labs incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to predict outcomes and detect anomalies to ultimately improve patient-centered care, facilitating the national tracking and tracing effort, and helping people get back to work when safe to do so