SDI Labs is comprised of industry-leading medical

professionals, scientists and tech innovators who

are masters in their field

Meet The Team

Ozman Mohiuddin

Founder and CEO

Oz is a technology leader and a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in fortune 500 companies in software and healthcare diagnostics industries. He has held several leadership positions in product management and business development at Microsoft before starting his journey as a serial entrepreneur. He started two technology startups with successful exits before taking over SDI Labs.


Ron Calhoun

Chief Development Officer

Ron Calhoun is a healthcare risk consulting leader who has held senior leadership positions within Marsh, Aon PLC, and was a co-founder of Allēus Health Analytics. Ron has centered his expertise on developing ways to provide unique data-driven analytics, advisory, and related services to help providers, payers, and employers mitigate risks associated with value-based payment models

David Haase

David Haase, MD

Chief Medical Strategist

David Haase, MD, is a Vanderbilt and Mayo Clinic trained, double board-certified physician who founded the MaxWell Clinic in Nashville, TN, in 2003. There he practices personalized systems medicine to investigate and address the underlying causes of chronic disease. He is faculty for The Institute for Functional Medicine, leading the mitochondrial function curriculum, and is a regular lecturer for the Stanford Graduate School of Bioengineering.

Dr. Brian

Brian T. Sutch, PhD

VP of Technology & Innovation

Sutch received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Southern California and BS in Biotechnology from Cal Poly Pomona. He has expertise in biopharmaceutics, in-silico drug design, cheminformatics, bioinformatics and software application development. Sutch is particularly interested in the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence toward the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics, and leveraging data to deliver improved healthcare outcomes.

Shanna Waer

General Manager

Shanna has over 15 years of experience in human resources, payroll, staffing and compliance. She loves to know how everything works at an organization and always seeks opportunities to increase production by evaluating current practices to find new ways a process can be made simpler. She wants her staff to work smarter, not harder to achieve the ultimate goal of being successful.

Lab Science Team


Mo Ali

VP of Lab Operations

Technology enthusiast with hands-on experience, Mohammad has a strong record of success in creating robust IT architectures and infrastructures. He has a proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business issues while managing costs and risks. Mohammad provides strategic direction to executive management on technology, and brings to SDI Labs a dynamic management career with strong leadership, problem-solving, planning, team building, and project management skills. He has extensive experience in recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining diverse staff, structuring them in teams that deliver results.

Helena Le

Lab Operations Manager

Seasoned Clinical Laboratory Scientist with over 15 years of extensive experience in daily laboratory operation management with specialty in quality management, process improvement, laboratory regulatory compliance, laboratory testing personnel training and management. Strong Molecular laboratory quality assurance in all testing phases with a passion for continuous improvement, and advancement in Molecular Testing and Research.

Dr. Bejaj

Dr. Sajo Bejaj

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Bejaj is a board certified in molecular pathology and genetics bio analyst. Dr. Bejaj is also an academic who taught at various institutions and published textbooks and journals on varied clinical topics. Dr. Bejaj, served as an initial management team and technical director for several well-known US laboratories including PathGroup, DCL Medical Laboratories, and Pathology, Inc, He is currently serving as an off-side CLIA laboratory director for BioCorp Clinical Laboratory and Specialty Diagnostics Inc, Garden Grove, CA. 


Dr. Michael Murphy

Senior Lab Scientist

Dr. Michael Murphy brings more than 35 years of laboratory experience to SDI Labs. He has extensive experience in the management and direction of technical, scientific and operational elements within clinical diagnostic, commercial reference, CRO, global central and research laboratories. His areas of expertise include biomarker validation and standardization, quality assurance, laboratory operations, informatics and laboratory automation. Dr. Murphy received his B.S. from Xavier University and PhD from The Ohio State University. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry (DABCC).

Dr. Stephenson Chea

Dr. Stephenson Chea

Senior Lab Scientist

Stephenson has years of experience in the management and technical development of clinical diagnostic laboratories. In addition, because of his background in developmental genetics and years of academic research, he has made significant contributions to the study of the cellular and transcriptomic origins of congenital heart defects, the leading cause of birth defects associated with infant death in the United States. In his free time, he enjoys reading philosophical literature, particularly in the field of epistemology (how do we know what we know) as applied to naturalism and empiricism. 


Dr. M. Ashmaig, PhD

Senior Lab Scientist

Dr. Ashmaig has decades of deep experience in laboratory sciences in management roles. Dr. Ashmaig is a patent (9857385. 11) owner of discovery and clinical use of Ultra-small apoB-containing particles. His patents covers an isolated particle comprising very high density ultra-small, lipid depleted apo B containing particles, and may also contain cytokeratin 8. Dr. Ashmaig also has extensive experience in starting laboratories and establishing process, teams and training curriculum.