SDI has created a unique mission and set of core

values that we use as the cornerstone for

everything we do


Our mission is to modernize lab testing and diagnostics by using data science and innovative molecular diagnostic testing to enable personalized provider recommendations, leading to optimal patient outcomes

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry-leading lab scientists, medical, and technological professionals developed a comprehensive patient-centric approach to the virus. Our solution model of testing, tracking, treating and isolating creates a path forward, allowing patients to safely coexist with the virus until a permanent solution that is available at a large scale patient population level


SDI Labs was founded in 1987 as a high complexity diagnostics lab. With science, data, and innovation at its forefront, SDI empowers patients with systems-based solutions for optimal health outcomes

Leveraging its team of industry-leading lab scientists, medical, and technological professionals, SDI Labs quickly mobilized to quickly develop a scalable solution to address both the high risk and general population to enable employers to safely execute re-entry

Core Values

We believe advanced data analytics have the ability to save lives, and we understand the power of accuracy and speed when it comes to personalized medical decisions. SDI focuses on detecting hard to diagnose diseases early on, leading to optimal patient outcomes

  • Patient-centric

    We believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Patients are our number one priority and our duty is to provide optimal patient care

  • Humility

    We humbly learn, and our work is always evolving based on the latest research and data to meet the needs of the patients and community

  • Quality

    We provide patients with a high quality of care and hold ourselves to the highest of healthcare standards, ethics and compliance

  • Innovation

    We are advancing the healthcare industry through the use of software technology, robotic automation, and data science

  • Inclusivity

    We are committed to serving diverse communities and underserved patient populations

  • Integrity

    At SDI, honesty and transparency are at the core of what we do