We use science as our guide, data as our light

and technological innovation to scale

SDI empowers patients with systems-based diagnostic

solutions for optimal health outcomes

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Let’s get back to school. Safely!

Covid-19 testing and safety programs for k-12 schools


Leveraging our team of industry-leading scientists and medical professionals, SDI Labs has worked to produce a safe societal re-entry solution to address the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Test


    SDI Labs believes in universal testing, even of asymptomatic patients, to establish a baseline of infection in the patient population

  • Track

    SDI Labs utilizes essential data to inform the provider and enable vital contact tracing in the target patient population



  • Treat


    SDI Labs equips clinicians and telehealth providers with real-time essential data to efficiently assess and triage patients based on symptoms, underlying medical conditions, and test results to determine the best therapies for treatment

  • Isolate

    SDI Labs encourages patients who are infected or might be, to quarantine and contain the spread based on CDC guidelines if they do not need immediate care to contain the spread of the virus



SDI Labs’ Covid-19 Testing for Quality Patient Care

Our viral RT-PCR test was authorized under FDA (EUA) on March 31st, 2020

Viral RT-PCR RNA Test

Our viral RT-PCR RNA test was authorized under FDA (EUA) in late March and is 99.9% accurate. Our Viral RT-PCR RNA test is used as the first diagnostic method to determine if an active COVID-19 infection is present in the patient

  • Our viral RT-PCR test was authorized under FDA (EUA) with a proven accuracy rate of 99.9% to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection

  • SDI uses an automated process to return results within 24-48 hours

  • Our test is made in the USA and SDI Labs is licensed to test in all 50 states

Antigen (Rapid Diagnostic) Testing

Antigen testing also referred to as rapid testing, is used to detect active infection. However, antigen testing is less accurate than RT-PCR. It can be used under clinical supervision and with the observation of symptoms to evaluate results.

  • Antigen results may be obtained in less than 15 minutes at the point of care

  • SDI Labs Antigen Kit can be collected with a nasopharyngeal or an anterior nasal swab

  • Coming soon! (Currently awaiting final EUA authorization)

SDI Vitals

We use science as our guide, data as our light, and technological innovation to scale

Our Services

With an acute focus on infectious diseases, SDI uses innovative genomic testing processes to enable personalized provider recommendations, leading to optimal patient outcomes



Our clients include Federal, State and Private Insurance groups such has Anthem Blue, Humana,

Blue Cross Blue Shields of California and many other national level plans


Our accreditation include groups such as FDA, CLIA, and CAP


“The war is between virus and mankind. We have a global health crisis and we are in dire need of a solution. Together, we will not only provide testing, but will use science, data, and innovation to pave the way for the evolution of healthcare on a global scale.”

– Ozman Mohiuddin, CEO