Our Focus

COVID-19/Infectious Diseases

Situation Analysis

While symptoms sometimes can indicate an infectious disease, molecular diagnostics is the most sensitive and specific way to detect microorganisms of different pathogens in infectious diseases. In a situation where there is potential transmission of infectious diseases, it is vital to test quickly and result quickly. An earlier diagnosis and treatment can prevent further infection and transmission.

Proposed Solution

We provide diagnostic testing for a variety of infectious diseases and allergies. The high sensitivity and specificity associated with RT-PCR assays have greatly improved our ability to diagnose hard to detect infectious diseases. This provides clinicians and patients with a quick turnaround time and accuracy to devise appropriate treatment and antimicrobial therapies for optimal health outcomes.

SDI Labs’ Covid-19 Testing for Quality Patient Care

Our viral RT-PCR test was authorized under FDA (EUA) on March 31st, 2020

Viral RT-PCR RNA Test

Our viral RT-PCR RNA test was authorized under FDA (EUA) in late March and is 99.9% accurate. Our Viral RT-PCR RNA test is used as the first diagnostic method to determine if an active COVID-19 infection is present in the patient

  • Our viral RT-PCR test was authorized under FDA (EUA) with a proven accuracy rate of 99.9% to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection

  • SDI uses an automated process to return results within 24-48 hours

  • Our test is made in the USA and SDI Labs is licensed to test in all 50 states