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With 24-hour turnaround time, SDI Labs is the perfect travel companion.

If you are looking for a COVID-19 test for travel, you may be wondering where to get one, what type of test, how long the appointment and the result will take, and how much it will cost.  

Types of Tests

There are many different types of tests available, PCR, RT-PCR, antibody, take-home. The vast number of options available can be difficult to navigate, and not all tests are accepted for international travel. Typically, you will need a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. PCR tests are the gold standard for COVID-19 testing and are the most accurate.

Usually, the tests that are not accepted are antibody tests as they detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, but not active infection. While they have a fast turnaround and test for active infection, they are less accurate than PCR tests and will not be valid for certain travel destinations.


Some destinations require a negative PCR test that is collected within a certain time frame, usually within 72 hours before flight departure. Additionally, you must consider that test results delivered over the phone likely won’t be suitable for travel testing, so electronic or hard copy is recommended. SDI Labs provides patients with electronic results that can be accessed via their mobile device.

Where do I get tested?

The availability of COVID-19 travel testing can fluctuate depending on many factors, including volume and region. This also means that turnaround time can vary, leading to travel stress.

The best way to ensure that your travel deadline is met, is to use a testing provider that guarantees same-day or next-day service. However, these fast turnaround PCR tests can cost extra and may not always be available. It is also important to remember that certain insurance providers will not cover the cost of COVID-19 travel testing.

At certain destinations, you may be allowed to quarantine until your test results arrive. If you do test positive, be prepared to quarantine in place for at least two weeks.

SDI is here to help!

SDI Labs is the perfect travel partner, with the easy collection and guaranteed PCR results in 8-48 hours. Results will be accessible to you online, in PDF form, easily accessible from your mobile device. Get tested with one of our testing partners today!

Testing Sites

La Palma, CA Orange County Airport
Los Angeles (LAX), CA Glendale, AZ
Mesa, AZ Los Angeles (Downtown), CA
Sherman Oaks, CA Santa Ana, CA
Beverly Hills Tempe, AZ
Phoenix Airport, AZ La Jolla, CA
Hawaiian Gardens, CA Newport Beach, CA
Phoenix, AZ (Washington St.) Denver, CO (Colfax Ave)
Portland, OR (Sivers Drive) SeaTac, WA
Portland, OR (Apple Way) Culver City, CA
Colorado Springs, CO Portland, OR (Interstate)
Phoenix (N 24th), AZ Seattle, WA
Las Vegas (Bruner Ave.) Salt Lake City, UT
Kent, WA Woodland, CA
Antioch, CA Tacoma, Washington
Lacey, Washington South Jones Blvd, Las Vegas
West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas Sacramento Folsom
Sacramento Freeport Downtown San Francisco
Main – Hayward San Pablo
Mission – Hayward Oakland
San Jose
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Live Well Pharmacy Advanced Healthcare Pharmacy
E Care Pharmacy Irvine Pharmacy
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MTM Pharmacy – Bolsa Global Express Pharmacy
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