About SDI Labs Inc.

SDI Labs was founded in 1987 by two molecular cytogeneticists from UCLA. In 2014, the company received significant financial backing and added highly skilled IT leaders. As a result, SDI Labs expanded their focus to molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, women’s health, and autoimmune and mental health diagnostics. By adding deep software development expertise, SDI Labs has been able to leverage data science and automation to develop data-driven pathogen detection testing for various infectious diseases.

Science, Software, Scale & Speed for Coronavirus testing.
With its clinical expertise and data-driven approach to testing, SDI Labs is uniquely positioned to address the testing needs for Coronavirus. The SDI proprietary testing system can provide isolation and specific detection of SARS COV-2 (coronavirus) testing with a quick 24-to-48-hour turnaround time. SDI Labs renowned scientific team is helmed by Chief Medical Director, Dr. Sajo Beqaj, and includes clinical lab scientists, certified medical technicians, and state-of-the-art lab automation tools.

SDI Lab is a high complexity, molecular diagnostics, CLIA certified and CAP accredited facility. Our clients include Medicare and Medicaid programs and commercial Insurance groups such has Anthem Blue, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, and many other national health plans. SDI is credentialed with 20+ IPAs (Independent Physicians Association) in California.

  • Our Vision

    To provide early detection of hard to diagnose diseases using data-driven tools to enable actionable treatment when it matters most.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to modernize the lab testing process utilizing data driven diagnostics methodology to develop biomarkers that detect hard to diagnose diseases. Our system enables personalized medication recommendations and empirical tracking to improve patient outcomes with a low, transparent price point. SDI’s mission is early detection of diseases and disorders that are difficult to identify.

  • Our Values

    We believe advanced data analytics have the power to save lives. And understand the power of accuracy and speed. That’s why we are focused on finding ways to identify hard to diagnose diseases as early in the care continuum as possible. The earlier the symptoms are detected and the appropriate testing is administered, the higher the rate of full recovery